Asset Management


Asset Integrity

Our operations and maintenance capabilities are well rooted in its safety culture and the technical know-how of our skilled local and expert staff with several years Oil & Gas industry experience.

Zebulun offers a variety of flexible commercial and business models with the aim of extending asset life through enhanced production, recovery and reduced operating costs.

Our asset integrity support team provides comprehensive specialist shutdown/overhaul, maintenance & management, M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) construction, tankage and special engineering services.

Our Asset Management Services cover:

Our oil and gas team offers related value-adding services including:

  • Production Optimisation
  • Asset Transfer Services
  • Life-of-Asset Strategies
  • Wellbore Clean-up and Filtration Services

We provide expert services for calibration and certification of control systems and oil and gas metering systems for offshore/onshore offloading terminals & storage facilities.

We deliver flow metering solutions for offshore and onshore locations, from platforms and FPSO’s, to (off) loading facilities and terminals, for pipeline operations, and refineries. Our metering solutions have been designed for crude oil and hydrocarbon products such as condensate, LPG, lubricants, fuel oil, kerosene, naphtha and for natural gas applications.

We deploy various monitoring techniques to provide our clients invaluable information on critical equipment functionality. Hence, our real-time diagnostic expertise allows for predictive maintenance and early warning of potential problems, reduces overall maintenance costs and downtime as well as averts unscheduled outages.

Our success in the provision of condition-based equipment monitoring is hinged on:

  • On-site data collection by certified experienced technicians with several years of industry experience
  • Lube oil sample collection, analysis and reporting
  • Instruments designed to the highest standards of quality and reliability to ensure accurate measurements under different operating conditions
  • Baseline vibration surveys, trending, analysis and reporting
  • Infrared thermography survey of electrical switchboards, mains and load carrying equipment
  • Software analysis of results with verifiable recommendations

Zebulun maintains a register of experienced and certified staff.

  • API 510 pressure vessel inspectors
  • API 570 piping inspectors
  • API 653 above ground storage tank inspectors
  • AWS certified welding inspectors
  • Rope access IRATA Level 1, 2 & 3 inspectors
  • Lloyds certified inspectors.
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